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So my friend Maya is making a short fan-film about Storm, her favorite Marvel mutant. She did a Kickstarter last fall to fund it, but filmmaking in Austin is a double-edged sword — you can get super amazing folks to work on it, but it tends to cost more than a home movie. She’s doing another push to get the last remaining funds to make the special effects and production value as high as a she can. The intro video has a bunch of clips of the demos they’ve made so far, and I AM BLOWN AWAY. Maya has assembled a fantastic team for this, and it’s going to be an awesome movie. Please contribute whatever you can! She’s got great rewards and it’s going to be AMAZING.

Reminder that you’ve only got 10 days left to help fund this fan film!

This looks so cool! It’s being done here in Austin and she’s half way there. I mean, c’mon if Tumblr can shell out $17,000 in an hour for a ball pit… 


dancingwithscissors, you just started following me and already im so sorry, because i keep rewriting your url in my head as “scissoring with dancers” which is more interesting, i think, but probably not intended >_<

OMG, YES. It’s actually a partial lyric to one of my favorite songs: “Dancing with scissors/ Our bones full of wishes…” 

But, yes, I enjoy your re-interpretation. It sounds like sexy Cirque de Soliel or something.

Polyamory is the radical notion that relationships are negotiated between people.

Polystumbles, with apologies to Marie Shear

There is a fascinating word for beloved in latino Caribbean and many South American cultures, consentida.  It shares the same root, obviously, as the word consent. Contemplating this word made me think that at the root of every relationship is the negotiation of boundaries. Some people take the standard bounds — the ones society provide (and enforces). Others are asking for more diversity of those bounds (equality). Yet polyamory asks that people be allowed to negotiate those expectations between themselves, ebbing and flowing, as people see fit. If you have consent, you are doing Polyamory right. 

Damn that is pretty radical. 

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Upon watching the original Japanese version of Sailor Moon, I was shocked to discover just how nice all of the Senshi were to each other. I was also greatly disturbed becasue this meant that the writers of the English dub weren’t happy with this, and thus added in most of their bickering and insulting of each other. I have never been more disappointed.

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Yup. The English language writers couldn’t have girl friends without snark and cattiness. That says something sad about our culture.

Like, in one ep of the English dub they rewrote “Rei finds the moon stick that Usagi left behind” to “Raye steals it because she thinks she would be a better leader than Serena”.

In an earlier episode, they rewrote “Ami and Rei are nowhere near an attack” to “Amy and Raye go on strike and refuse to help innocent people because they don’t think Sailor Moon is a very good leader”. Like, this isn’t just garden-variety bickering, this is intense levels of pettiness to the point they were willing to put innocent lives in danger like WTF IS WRONG WITH THOSE WRITERS

Oh holy shit. I’ve only ever watched the English version- I thought that it was just written that way.

While Sailor Moon is probably the most extreme example, changes like this are the big reason many anime fans prefer subs (even fansubs) over dubs. They’re also the reason we’re so happy about Viz Media acquiring the rights and releasing a new, accurate dubbing which is true to the original Sailor Moon anime, and why we have so little patience for the handful of people who are whining and screaming about the new dub.

I mean, it’s one thing to like the modified dubs better, and another entirely to go off screaming that Viz should be boycotted and that Naoko Takeuchi is ruining everything forever by releasing a correctly dubbed original instead of a refresh of the modified version. No, I’m not kidding — that’s literally what Nangbaby has been screaming about. Read her post and be amazed by the narcissism, entitlement, racism, and homophobia!

peggiecarters asked:

thank u for that post and thank u for acknowledging that gwen's death was pointless, bc i've gotten so many messages saying that bc she died in the comics it's okay that she died in the movie and i'm glad someone agrees with me on this ok sorry bye



u wanna know why gwen died in the comics?

it’s because they didn’t know what else to do with her. they didn’t want gwen and peter to get married, and they “didn’t see” them breaking up, so obviously the thing to do here is to have peter inadvertently cause gwen’s death, thereby preserving her in comics canon as peter’s dead girlfriend and yet another endless source of guilt and mangst for peter parker. like literally, they’ve stated that they wanted to “add more tragedy to peter’s life.” it’s one of the biggest fridgings in comics, and it’s 2014, female characters should NOT HAVE TO BE FRIDGED FOR A WHITE MALE PROTAGONIST’S SHITTY EMOTIONAL BABY ANGST ANYMORE.

there was no reason to kill off gwen stacy, besides pandering to the baby dudebros of the comics fandom who think that spider-man should be single and angsty 5ever and that’s what makes him the bestest hero ever. 

"just because it happened in the comics" is weak. you know what else happened in the comics? peter parker turns into a giant pregnant spider and gives birth to himself. EVERYONE’S A CLONE. peter sold his marriage to the devil and turned all spider-man fans into immature babymen. in an alternate universe, peter kills mary jane with radioactive semen.  doc ock murders peter parker and takes over his body and runs around being spider-man for a good year while no one notices and just thinks that spider-man is suddenly an unfunny dick for some reason.




"sexuality is a choice"


"women wouldn’t get raped if they didn’t wear revealing clothes"


"there are only two genders"


"i’m not trying to be sexist/racist, but.."


"a/bi/pansexuality isn’t real"


"gay people shouldn’t have children"


"i don’t want to be friends with a gay person, they could hit on me"


"you can’t identify with the gender you want to be, only the one you were born with"


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